cm punk

Whether he’s wrestling or not CM Punk is always a controversial topic in the world of professional wrestling. The former WWE Champion has not appeared on AEW programming since the All Out pay-per-view back in September and his AEW status remains unknown.

With CM Punk’s AEW future seemingly in doubt some have wondered if CM Punk could return to WWE someday. Seth Rollins was asked about a potential WWE return for Punk over the weekend and he made it clear that he doesn’t want it to happen when he told Punk to stay away and called him a “cancer.”

Booker T recently reacted to Seth’s comments on his Hall of Fame podcast and he indicated that he believes Seth’s comments were complete genuine and not a work.

“He was shooting 100%. I’m just glad I didn’t have to say it. I’m just glad people can’t look at me now and be like I’m a hater. I keep my mouth shut, my momma always told me if you don’t have something good to say about somebody, don’t say nothing at all. You hear other guys that have been around the business, that feel and speak the same way about Phil Brooks and it’s because of being around him.”

“People stop thinking everything is a work,” Booker said. “If I say something negative to the point about somebody being ‘a cancer in the locker room,’ I’m not playing, okay? That’s not stuff you play around with, that’s not an angle, that’s just not. I know a lot of people out there that’s not in the business that wants to think that but sometimes it’s real, it’s real talk.”

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