205 live

It’s no big secret that 205 Live hasn’t exactly been a success so far. Last summer when WWE resurrected the cruiserweight division for the Cruiserweight Classic tournament, it was very well received, so it’s not hard to see why the company decided to move ahead with a weekly cruiserweight show.

However, the fans have not shown as much love for 205 Live as they did for the CWC, and the show has had a tough time finding an audience. One person who clearly isn’t a fan of 205 Live is GFW star Trevor Lee who said that the show is “garbage” during a recent media conference call.

“You wanna know what 205 Live is,” Trevor Lee asked via WrestlingInc. “It’s garbage! I’m 225-pounds and I’m the X-Division Champion. None of those guys could even hold a dime to what I can do. Get out of here, next question.”

TNA, now known as Global Force Wrestling, is a promotion that’s also received a lot of flack from the fans over the years, but the one thing the company has most often received praise for is the X-Division

Low Ki also chimed in with his opinion on the matter, and he noted that he sees a heavy X-Division influence on 205 Live.

“With all respect to the current X-division and the members of 205 Live, the X-division has carried heavy influence in what you see currently on television in all major companies. And there’s a reason for it. It wasn’t based off of size, it was based off of style. And in order to get noticed, styles is what makes matches. Many of the performers you see in 205 Live — I shouldn’t say many because there’s more there now than there were at the beginning – but there’s a handful of them who were former X-Division wrestlers. So the identity 205 is trying to create for them, has a heavy influence of X-Division written all over it so there’s no comparison. The X-Division is a unique identity.”

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