WWE fans should be familiar with the Funkasaurus Brodus Clay. He had an interesting run with the company, but a few years ago he was released from his contract and he signed with Impact Wrestling, now known as GFW. Brodus Clay took on the name Tyrus, and over the past 3 years he’s been featured in some of the company’s top angles.

However, Tyrus recently took to Twitter to say that he will not be attending the Impact Tapings this week and that he’s “taking a knee” because he doesn’t feel that he’s being used right. According to Tyrus, he’s been playing phone tag with GFW all day, and he doesn’t have time for it anymore.

“I’ve been with Impact for 3 years now, and 99 percent of it has been mostly positive, and I’ve enjoyed my time there,” Tyrus said. “But the last 4 or 5 tapings for me and my fans has been terrible. We’ve been handcuffed and treated a like a second class citizen creatively, and we’ve worked too hard to become a crossover star to be treated like we’re not. So, I’m not happy creatively the way Impact’s been treating me. I’ve been playing phone tag all day with them, and I just ain’t got time for it.”

“So, you don’t wanna use me the way I think I’ve earned the right to be used, that’s cool,” Tyrus added. “I’m about to get my Kaepernick on, and I’m taking a knee. I will not be at TNA tapings this week because I’m on hold out status, and if you’re good with that cool, if you’re not whatever it is, cause I’m not gonna be there until I get treated right. Enough said.”

You can check out the video below.