The Attitude Era is long gone and professional wrestling is anything but risqué these days. There are quite a few people out there who think wrestling is a little too tame at the moment and Frankie Kazarian happens to be one of those people.

Kaz recently talked to Sporting News and he spoke openly about his views on professional wrestling. The former tag team champion says that he thinks the wrestling business is far too neat at the moment and things need to be shaken up.

“I might be in the minority in this thinking, but I kind of like wrestling when it’s a little gritty and a little dirty and a little risque,” Kazarian said. “I think wrestling, by and large, especially wrestling on television, is far too sanitized and far too neat. I understand … they have to be because of advertisers. I get that. I think that professional wrestling works best when the reins are dropped and we are allowed to be dirty and risky and unsanitized and unclean.”

NJPW star Tomoaki Honma suffered an unfortunate injury during a match on Friday and he was taken to the hospital after the match was stopped. NJPW confired Honma injured his cervical vertebrae via the following statement:

“Tomoaki Honma was injured on March 3rd during his match in Okinawa, and immediately rushed to hospital. He was diagnosed to have injured his cervical vertebrae. In order to recover, he will miss the scheduled March 6th IWGP Tag Team title match and his return to the ring is currently tentative. His tag partner, Togi Makabe, has also declined to compete on March 6th. As a result, the IWGP Executive Committee has named Hiroyoshi Tenzan and Satoshi Kojima as the challengers.”

From all of us here at Still Real To Us, we wish Tomoaki Honma a speedy recovery.