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Kane spent many years performing on WWE programming, and he’s also cut his fair share of promos throughout the course of his career. The Big Red Machine could sound quite menacing at times, but it seems that Vince McMahon had a specific vocabulary in mind for the Hall of Famer.

During a recent episode of Wrestling With Freddie former WWE writer Freddie Prinze Jr. discussed a promo that he wrote for Kane, and he noted that Vince McMahon was upset that he put the word “destroyed” in Kane’s promo.

“I remember, I came in there [Gorilla], and I don’t remember the promo. This was, you know, over ten years ago but there was the word ‘destroyed’. He [Vince McMahon] reads the word destroyed and he stops and he looks at me. He’s like like pissed off at me like I’ve done something, not wrong, but offensive. I go ‘What?’ and he shouts, he goes ‘Kane would never say destroyed. He would say obliterate!’ There’s this long pause, right? You gotta remember the way my brain works, I’m not a reactionary dude and I’m comfortable with silence, so I don’t mind it.

“So there’s this long pause and in my head, I’m like, ‘this isn’t a fight I’m gonna fight, it’s a word, but I kinda wanna know why it’s so important to the boss.’ So, I take a beat. And I say, ‘You got it, obliterate. Are there any other words in here that are going to get that kind of reaction, and if so, can you tell me why?’ He just gives this grunt that he would give when he’s unamused by your amusement, basically. He wanted me to take it more seriously, I guess. Then he starts reading it through, reading it through and he goes, ‘Ah, the rest of it is fine, just try and make the end a little better!”

Kane cemented his legacy when he was officially inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame last year. Nowadays he is busy focusing on his duties working as the Mayor of Knox County, but he still makes occasional appearances on WWE programming from time to time.

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