Each and every week WWE writers put together scripts for WWE branded shows such as Raw and SmackDown Live, but from time to time the scripts leak online.

In 2018, Fightful gained access to several scripts and some of the information in the scripts was made public.

Former WWE writer Kazeem Famuyide spoke to Fightful about the reaction to the scripts leaking, and according to him it wasn’t pretty.

“It wasn’t necessarily us getting the finger pointed at us. Everybody was under the gun. It wasn’t just the writers catching heat for it. It was kind of a kick in the dick, too. We worked really hard all week, and sometimes the day of to make it just right and certain versions of it comes out and it always reads terribly. I might have had some heat with you for a second! I was like ‘we worked hard on this, you’re gonna leak scripts?’ It was my livelihood, it was a kick in the dick for a while. I’m glad that stopped. It was a weird time. I’m glad that it got settled eventually.”

The full interview with Kazeem Famuyide can be heard below.