When it comes to WWE Superstars, their careers often vary in length. Some wrestlers manage to stay with the company for almost the entirety of their career, while others just pass through and move on to different things.

Mark Henry is one of those stars who has been lucky enough to have a long run with the company, but it sounds like his in ring career will be coming to an end sooner than later.

The former WWE World Heavyweight Champion recently filmed an episode of Table For 3 on the WWE Network, and he revealed that he’s just about ready to hang up the boots for good. However, Henry will not be leaving the wrestling business, as he plans to work behind the scenes.

“I can’t believe it sometimes, 21 years, and we all know that Father Time is undefeated. My time is coming to an end. I’ll go from being a talent to an employee in a few months. I’m just looking forward to making that transition, and helping all of these young guys and girls that are coming in beneath us.”

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