Nobody can wrestle forever, even though some wrestlers would like to try, but sooner or later everyone has to wrestle their last match.

Saturday night former WWE Women’s Champion Candice Michelle wrestled her last match at House of Hardcore 36, and she took on another former WWE star when she faced Lisa Marie Varon, also known to WWE fans as Victoria.

In the end Candice Michelle managed to defeat Lisa Marie Varon and pick up the victory in her final match.

After the match was over Candice and Lisa shared a special moment in the ring and you can check out a clip below.

In an exclusive interview with Still Real To Us, Tommy Dreamer said that he wanted Candice Michelle to wrestle one final match with House of Hardcore so that Candice and the fans could finally get some closure when it comes to her wrestling career.

“When you leave WWE, people think that you just disappear. I was blessed to have a nice farewell from WWE even though they brought me back. I’m giving Candice Michelle her last ever match. It really is her last ever match,” Dreamer stressed. The visionary behind House of Hardcore continued, “She couldn’t believe I wanted to do that for her. I was like, ‘Hey! You were a person who came in as a Go Daddy girl. You knew nothing about wrestling and just fell into it. Then, you became a great in-ring talent and champion.’ I feel wrestling fans need closure for the character as well as the person herself who needs her own, personal closure.”