Injuries are a part of life if you’re in the professional wrestling business. It’s something that could be lurking around any corner. Sometimes it’s a crazy spot that causes the damage but other times it’s just a routine thing in the ring and your body just had enough.

The latter happened to Scott Dawson recently as his bicep muscle just tore in the middle of a mundane routine spot in the ring. These things happen and then surgery or some other type of recovery needs to be addressed.

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Darren Young in the ring, but Pro Wrestling Sheet is reporting he’s all better now and cleared for a return to action. He’s been out recovering from an elbow surgery he had in February and can’t wait to come back.

It might very well be time to make Darren Young Great Again but by the look of his recent selfies he’s been doing a lot of that on his own. Some have commented saying he looks like he’s on the Jinder Mahal diet and even Darren Young has joked about it himself. As you can tell from his posts on social media, Mr. No Days Off has been working pretty hard while he waited for this good news.

Needless to say, Darren Young is looking better than ever and the former WWE Tag Team Champion is cleared for a return. Whether he comes back with Bob Backlund as his mentor or they are able to repackage him yet again, let’s hope WWE can use this talented Superstar who has so much value in and out of the ring.

It’s really good timing, that’s for sure as SummerSlam is coming at us fast and now WWE might have a new option in case they wanted to shake things up again during something like another WWE Superstar Shake-up. There have been rumors another one of those could be around the corner as well.

So don’t be surprised if you see Darren Young come back sooner than later because he’s looking to pick up where he left off and stake his claim in WWE’s Hall Of Heroes once more.