In the world of professional wrestling a championship win can go a long way, and it sounds like Fandango came close to winning the Intercontinental Championship.

The former WWE Superstar recently appeared on the Cafe de Rene podcast and he revealed that at one point in time there were plans for him to win the Intercontinental Championship, but WWE scrapped the idea after he suffered a concussion.

“Yeah, I got a concussion. I was wrestling the Great Khali and I didn’t — I got knocked out and I didn’t tell the office. So I knew that I was gonna pay-per-view and they’re gonna put the strap on me, so I tried to fave it from the office and I got a sh– ton of heat for that.

“So yeah, I think I was wrestling like Zack Ryder. I took like a shoulder tackle and I was completely out of it, he kind of carried me through the match. I got to the back and I thought I just wrestled Kali because you know your brain’s like a computer, and you pour some water over it and it just wasn’t computing right. They were like, ‘No, dude, you just wrestled f–king Ryder.’ Then Hunter came in and I just stooged myself off without even knowing it.”

Fandango originally signed with WWE in 2006 and he went on to wrestle under the name Johnny Curtis. He was called up to the main roster as Fandango in 2013, but was eventually released in 2021.

H/T Wrestling Inc.