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Earlier this year Jeff Jarrett returned to TNA, and he’s once again steering the ship for the promotion. Shortly after Jarrett returned, the company dropped the name TNA and announced that it would be known as Impact Wrestling, and the promotion recently announced that it will now be known as Global Force Wrestling.

All of the name changes have been enough to make wrestling fans’ heads spin, but whether it’s TNA, Impact or GFW, the company seems intent on bringing more recognizable names into the company.

Alberto Del Rio signed with the company months ago, and it was recently reported that Rey Mysterio has a contract offer from GFW in his hands. Now it looks like former WWE Intercontinental Champion John Morrison will be making his GFW debut soon, as Jeremy Borash announced during a conference call that he will be working the upcoming GFW live events in August.

The Global Force Wrestling live events are set to take place from Long Island on August 4th, Staten Island on August 5th and Bridgeport, CT on August 6th.

Borash also announced that Drago, and John’s fiancé Taya Valkyrie, will be working the live events as well.

The tag team of Dave Crist and Jake Crist will also be working with the promotion soon under the name Ohio Is 4 Killers.

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