Neville was the top star in the cruiserweight division for most of 2017, and he went on to become the King of the Cruiserweights. But the King of the Cruiserweights relinquished his crown when he walked out on WWE a few months ago, and he has yet to return.

At one point it was reported that talks between Neville and WWE had been going well, and some even believed that he would be returning to the company at some point. However, it looks like talks broke down, and there hasn’t been much movement since.

Even though talks between the two sides broke down, WWE officials have yet to release him from his contract, but that could all be about to change.

The Sun recently interviewed Enzo Amore and Enzo said that he hopes to see Neville return to WWE someday. But in the article it was also reported that, “it looks like his time with the WWE is over and he will be released.”

Of course nothing ever happens until it happens in the world of professional wrestling so there’s always a chance that the relationship could be repaired at the last minute. After all, most people didn’t think WWE would find a way to work things out with Mauro Ranallo last year, but now he’s working in a comfortable position in NXT.

However, at this point all signs seem to point to Neville’s WWE career coming to an end in the near future.

If WWE officials do indeed decide to release him he likely won’t have to look far for work as the independent wrestling scene is thriving right now.