When someone leaves WWE there are a lot of options out there especially in a day and age where the indie wrestling scene is so incredibly hot. Guys like Cody Rhodes, while he might be an Elite exception have gone on to actually make more money picking their own dates on the indie wrestling circuit and it turns out that one former WWE Champion is finding a lot of success after his WWE career as well.

When Jack Swagger was released from his WWE contract people naturally assumed that he would find success elsewhere. After all, he is a big Oklahoma boy and has the moveset to put out a great wrestling match. It’s just that nothing really ever clicked in WWE for him.

Now it looks like Swagger found a new home for himself in Lucha Underground so if you haven’t caught a season of LU yet but you’re a fan of the All American American then this would be a good time to start watching during their fourth season. I must warn you the rest of this article contains a few spoilers… so keep that in mind.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter notes Swagger is slated for a huge push in Lucha Underground for their fourth season. He wins the Gift Of The Gods Title which was filmed on March 17th. Although the episodes are said to be filmed out of order, it is expected that fans will see Swagger end up on top at the end of the season.

Swagger then cashed in his Gift Of The Gods Title to win the Lucha Underground Title from Pentagon Jr as well. Therefore, it’s a good time to be a Jack Swagger fan right now, no matter what name they give him in Lucha Underground. It’s nice to see him being used in a top spot, regardless of if it’s on the El Rey Network.