You never know what can happen in pro wrestling because there are naturally a lot of factors at play. During a match, anything can go wrong from a rope breaking to a rogue fan jumping in the ring because they think pro wrestling is a participation sport. But during a recent episode of Impact Wrestling, Eddie Edwards was clocked in the head by a stray baseball bat and everyone lost their minds.

The spot was very brutal but it wasn’t intentional at all. After all, there’s a term for when someone hits another man in the face with a baseball bat as hard as they can on purpose and that’s attempted murder.

There were plenty of people who reacted to this spot including Kassius Ohno who took great offense and Jim Cornette who is famously not a fan of anything that blurs the line between pro wrestling and dangerous shenanigans.

Sami Callihan has performed this spot before so that should be noted as well. It’s not like he put a chair over someone and whacked it with a baseball bat in every match he’s ever been in, but this hardcore spot was one of the safer extreme maneuvers he had in his arsenal. It just went very badly when he tried to do the spot with Eddie Edwards because the chair moved and Edwards received a horrible shot to the face instead.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports Impact Wrestling isn’t upset at Callihan at all for this spot. In fact, it seems to be the opposite. It is said Impact Wrestling is “thrilled” with all the publicity the spot garnered even though it was extremely dangerous. The negative feedback from Kassius Ohno and Jim Cornette was said to be something they were particularly fond of as well.

This might seem a little strange, but it just goes to show that any press is good press because no matter how negative it might sound at least people were talking about Impact Wrestling.