You never know what can happen in professional wrestling, especially if you get toys like steel chairs involved. Things are amped up to extremely dangerous levels if you add in a baseball bat and at the recent Impact Wrestling television tapings, Eddie Edwards met the wrong end of a botched baseball bat spot when Sami Callihan whacked him in the face. As you can see from Edwards’ tweet below, the end result was a bloody and tragic mess. He was hospitalized but to his credit, he showed up at the television tapings the next night, of course, he wasn’t competing.

Those pictures featured a lot of blood because it was all over the place when Callihan hit Edwards in the face, but you wouldn’t have known that by watching on television.

When the show aired on Pop TV, the crimson was edited out and the cameras kept a tight shot of Sami Callihan’s bewildered face.

Things obviously didn’t go as planned and it showed but they kept the blood off of the former TV Guide channel which was a decision that might have been for the best.

But as you can see from the clip below of what aired on television it’s easy to tell there’s something pretty awful going on just below the screen as the camera didn’t leave Sami pacing in the ring clutching his baseball bat.

When Jim Cornette saw this go down he didn’t like it one bit. He unleashed on Twitter and questioned who trained Sami Callihan. In case you’re wondering, according to Wikipedia Callihan was trained by Les Thatcher, Shark Boy, and Cody Hawk.

But the spot was pretty brutal for real and might not be the most responsible thing to do to another person. After all, pro wrestlers need to go hard in the paint and grab the brass ring but they also need to protect the person they’re working with. Whether or not you hurt someone can speak volumes to a pro wrestler’s reputation and it’s a good idea that if you’re working with someone you need to keep them healthy so you can carry on together in your feud.

Anyway, this wasn’t a good thing and Jim Cornette agrees in a big way. It was obviously an accident, but let’s hope Sami Callihan plays it a bit smarter from now on. Because if you know anything about Callihan it’s that he’s prone to feats of human obliteration on a regular basis and there’s probably no changing that. Obviously, it didn’t phase Sami Callihan much by his response to Corney’s disapproval.