Back in September of 2023 a number of WWE stars were released from the company and there were some surprising names on the list. The company cut ties with former WWE World Heavyweight Champion Dolph Ziggler, but he has since resurfaced as Nic Nemeth.

Nic Nemeth recently spoke to Sportskeeda about the future of his career and he explained why he doesn’t have thoughts about potentially making a WWE return.

“I don’t have [thoughts] like, ‘I gotta get back to WWE.’ I asked to leave, and I wanna do a second half of my career where I do everything else but WWE because I’ve done it. I’ve been there. I wanna see what I can do on my own.

It’s like a Twilight Zone episode where the guy’s at like the top of a company and he’s got all the gold in the world. He goes, ‘I wanna go back in time and I wanna redo it and do it all again from day one, put all the hard work in, and prove to everyone that I can do this again.’ We’re all gonna find out here, am I all show no go? Am I a phony that’s been sitting around? No, I’m gonna steal the show every damn night.”

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