Batista wrestled his retirement match a few months ago when he was defeated by Triple H at WrestleMania 35, so it seems that The Animal has hung up his boots for good.

Prior to his return earlier this year, Batista last wrestled in 2014 which was the year when the infamous “Bluetista” chant was introduced to the world of professional wrestling.

The former WWE World Heavyweight also got booed quite a bit during that run, and a fan recently took to Twitter to apologize for ever booing Batista.

Luckily for the fan Dave accepted the apology.

Former NXT announcer Alex Del Barrio then chimed in with, “I apologize too, except for the Blue-tista chant. That was funny.”

Batista then responded with the following:

“Six guys put their health on the line in a violent match. Three guys use their success to make three newer guys bigger stars. The finale of a great http://program.Smart marks focus on me wearing blue and start the Bluetista chant. Which is all people remember.Yeah hysterical.”

So yeah, it appears that Batista is not a fan of the “Bluetista” chants.