When you’re touring around the world’s indie wrestling scene you never know what can happen. Truth be told, you could be performing in a packed house where people are swinging from the ceiling or it could be in an abandoned skating rink with fifteen people there.

But one thing you never want to consider is that you could get really damaged along the way. Especially where your face is concerned.

Robbie E has been making towns on the indie wrestling scene and having a great time in the process ever since departing from Impact Wrestling. But he never expected he would be in need of a doctor during a recent event, let alone a dentist.

It’s a really good thing a dentist just happened to be at the show as well because Robbie E was able to get everything fixed right up.

It’s pretty unbelievable that a dentist happened to be at the show proving how lucky of a guy the former Amazing Race contestant is. But Robbie E has some gnarly pictures of his broken teeth to prove how bad it was and now he’s smiling away just two hours later. That was one close call, for sure.

The WWE roster has been enjoying their European tour recently and it’s always a huge treat for the Superstars to be able to go wherever people want to see them perform.

While enjoying the sights in Venice, Carmella took some pretty nifty pictures and someone even snapped a photo of Mella taking a selfie. That’s pretty postmodern I guess.

She also enjoyed a meal in Venice with some fellow members of the SmackDown Live brand. It certainly looked like she had a great time hanging out with her Total Divas costar Lana along with The Hype Bros.

After all, it’s always a party when Zack Ryder and Mojo Rawley are around. If you add in Steve Blackman with a kendo stick, then you’ve got pretty much the most fun situation imaginable (just because Steve Blackman is awesome and should be everywhere with a kendo stick).