Business has certainly picked up in recent weeks as we’re on the road to WrestleMania. WWE confirmed several names for the Hall of Fame over the last few days as it’s been confirmed that Paul Heyman, Bull Nakano and U.S. Express will all be getting inducted as part of the 2024 class.

Now that several Hall of Fame inductees have been announced fans are wondering who will end up inducting them. Tommy Dreamer has strong ties to Paul Heyman, but he recently explained on Busted Open Radio that he doesn’t think he would be the right choice to induct Heyman.

“If I’m the original Paul Heyman guy, sure (I’m the right person to induct him into WWE’s Hall of Fame). Am I the right pick? No. If I had to pick between — I have people in-house; Steve Austin, CM Punk. I’m picking either one of those two guys. It’s a television show and I understand the industry… Or, I’m sorry, Roman Reigns, hi… Could I do it? Sure. Should I do it? No.”

Who do you think Paul Heyman’s inductor should be? Sound off in the comments below.