The Rock has been making regular appearances on Friday Night SmackDown recently and last week The Rock challenged Cody Rhodes & Seth Rollins to face him and Roman Reigns in a tag team match at WrestleMania 40 next month.

The Bloodline made their way down to the ring and The Rock embraced Roman Reigns then The Tribal Chief told the fans to acknowledge them. Immediately after Cody Rhodes’ music hit then he and Seth Rollins entered through the crowd.

Cody said he’s heard The Rock’s challenge, and the stipulations that go along with the challenge. He asked The Rock is he has the authority to add a stipulation because he acknowledged Roman as his Tribal Chief last week. Cody was just about to answer the challenge, but The Rock interrupted him then told both Cody and Seth to shut their mouths. The Rock reiterated that if Rollins & Rhodes beat him and Roman Reigns on night one then on night two Cody will be free of The Bloodline. The Great One then said that if he and Roman win then anything goes on night two and he will do everything in his power to make sure Cody doesn’t win the title.

Seth Rollins told The Rock to shut up then got in his face and told Rock that he had his time. Rollins called it the biggest tag match of all time then he officially accepted the challenge for WrestleMania. Roman asked Cody if he’s going to let Seth Rollins answer for him. The Rock said he’s Cody’s boss and Seth’s boss because he’s on the TKO Board of Directors. He told Cody if he doesn’t win the belt he’ll never get another shot again.

The Rock told Cody he was a mistake then Cody responded by slapping The Rock. The Great One stared down Cody Rhodes and it looked like things were about to get physical, but they ran out of time and the show went off the air.