wwe 2k18

It’s almost that time of year when wrestling fans flock to their favorite console to play the annual WWE 2K game and shout obscenities at one another in the name of fun while playing online multiplayer mode. Ah yes, it’s a special time of year indeed, as we’re all getting closer to the release date. WWE 2K18 is a game which will likely be a slightly better version of the same game that was released the year before with a few new characters added to the mix, just like every year. But we’re still going to buy it anyway.

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This year’s game features former WWE Champion Seth Rollins on the cover, and the first trailer for WWE 2K18 was arguably one of the best video game trailers WWE has produced so far. A few screenshots from the game have also been released, but 2K has been keeping footage from WWE 2K18 under wraps, until now that is.

The 2K development team recently released a video showing new screenshots from various stars who are appearing in the game, and in the video the screenshots are placed side by side with pictures from WWE 2K17.

While looking at the photos side by side it’s hard to deny that the rendering has improved, and it’s even noted that some characters were rescanned for this year’s game.

The end of the video tops it all off by showing a side by side comparison of Randy Orton’s entrances from WWE 2K17 and 2K18. If you’re the type of fan who keeps a close eye on the improvements made to the graphics year after year, then you’re going to appreciate the slight alterations that were made.

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