tnt championship

A few weeks ago the AEW TNT Championship tournament was announced, and both Cody Rhodes and Lance Archer made it to the finals.

Archer and Rhodes finally faced off at the Double or Nothing pay-per-view on Saturday night, and before the match kicked off Mike Tyson brought the belt to the ring.

Before the match started the referee gave Cody Rhodes and Lance Archer the opportunity to shake hands, but they declined.

At one point Lance Archer was standing on the top turnbuckle and Arn Anderson hit his leg, causing him to fall down while the referee wasn’t looking.

Cody hit an avalanche reverse suplex from the top rope, and another referee came out to tell the ref that Arn Anderson interfered. Mike Tyson ruled that Arn should be thrown out, so he was.

Jake Roberts threatened to bring out his snake, so Mike Tyson took off his shirt to scare him away.

Cody hit the crossrhodes twice on Archer to win the title.

After the match Mike Tyson presented Cody Rhodes with the TNT Championship belt.