Should female wrestling fans make themselves known. The short answer is: yes.

The fans of WWE have always been primarily male. There is nothing wrong with that, men have been sports fans forever. However, it’s 2017 and with a new year comes the opportunity for women to make themselves known.

You see a few women and girls in the crowds at RAW, SmackDown, and at live events, but beyond cheering and wearing merchandise, they don’t show a lot of true interaction. In fact, the majority of the chants that happen on live TV are led by males, such as the “holy sh*t” and “this is awesome” chants.

It’s time for a change. Girls need to rise up and let their opinions be known. Lead those chants and comment on different things.

Talk about how sick that finisher was. Freak out about the way something ended and how you’ll have to wait a whole week to find out what they’ll come up with next. Tell the haters that WWE isn’t fake. Remind them that all of their favorite shows are just as scripted, if not more scripted than wrestling

If I asked you to search “female wrestling fans” on Google, you would be met with weak results. You would see overgeneralized pieces about wrestling fans, and if not that, then complaints about the stereotypes that women deal with. Not once do you see a “my thoughts on RAW this week” or “Why the Nattie/Nikki feud on SmackDown is good/bad.” Nothing like that, and it’s pretty sad.

If anything, you see more pieces about how ‘thirsty’ female fans are and internet articles wondering whether WWE female fans are single. It makes it seem like we only watch it for the shirtless men.

No. If we wanted to see shirtless men, we could do a variety of other things that don’t involve the WWE.

As a woman, I’m asking my fellow fans: write a blog post or two. Post a live video on Facebook about your reaction to that #RKOOuttaNowhere.

Please, ladies. There’s no time like the present.