alberto el patron

Alberto El Patrón is ready to return to Impact Wrestling and reclaim the World Championship that he never lost.

Wrestling fans are expecting the former champion to make headlines tomorrow during Bound For Glory, the company’s biggest event of the year.

A day before the major pay-per-view event, El Patrón shared with Still Real To Us during a conference call that he is gunning for a match with the man who currently holds the promotion’s top prize.

“The first one, and the one that I want to happen as soon as possible, is Eli Drake,” El Patrón told Still Real To Us. He continued, “I want to kick his ass. I want to erase that smile from his face because I don’t even know why he is so happy.”

El Patrón didn’t stop there. “He had that title handed to him as an early Christmas present. He will be the first one because I want to get what is mine,” the former Impact Wrestling World Champion said.

“I earned that title. I fought. I battled for that title against one of the best fighters and wrestlers in the business and on the planet–Bobby Lashley,” stated El Patrón. The former World Champion elaborated to Still Real To Us, “That’s how you earn the gold. Fighting for it. Winning in the ring after hearing the 1-2-3 from the referee.”

Eli Drake isn’t the only man that El Patrón is after. Alberto wanted professional wrestling fans to know that he has a few other scenarios that he would like to see play out for Impact Wrestling in the very near future. He told Still Real To Us, “I would love to have a match between myself and El Hijo del Fantasma here in Impact Wrestling. I’ve had the opportunity to wrestle him. He’s part of the AAA roster. He’s amazing. He’s been doing great things in the past five to eight years. I think it would be very interesting for the fans to see.

He then laughed, “After I kick Eli Drake’s trasero, I want to have a rematch with Bobby Lashley.”

Alberto’s fiery attitude shouldn’t come as a surprise to wrestling fans. Being a proud man who has the business in his blood, El Patrón took the opportunity to talk with Still Real To Us about his relationship with his world-famous father, Dos Caras.

“Oh my God, there are so many memories. My dad has been my best friend. He is my best friend. He is my mentor–the reason why I am in this beautiful business,” The Boss said. He followed up by stating, “He’s the one who keeps me sane. He keeps me grounded. The moments where I’m not feeling too sure about what the business is doing with me or where the business is taking me, my dad is always there to guide me and help me take the best position in my life and my career.”

El Patrón detailed a special and unique moment that he shared with his legendary father during his time with Impact Wrestling. “In Orlando, with Impact Wrestling, when I became the Undisputed Champion–It was fantastic to have my dad with me in the ring. To share that moment with my dad…to be able to go down on my knees and present those titles to my dad, that was a real moment,” Alberto El Patrón said. He reflected, “There was no scripted pro wrestling moment. It was just the love from me to my father. It was a proud dad looking at his son accomplishing the biggest thing in this business.”

As Alberto El Patrón valiantly prepares for Bound For Glory, he told wrestling fans to keep an eye on a rising star that he believes can be a force to be reckoned with. “Well, there’s a lot of talent in that locker room, with the young guys and the new wrestlers who are with the company. Before becoming the champion in Orlando, at the last pay-per-view, I was talking a lot with this kid, Santana. He is part of the LAX team. He’s a young guy. He’s a good looking guy,” Alberto told Still Real To Us. He continued, “He has a lot of talent. Of course, he needs more experience and needs people like Bobby, James Storm, and myself, passing along the knowledge that we have when it comes to working in main events and just working in the ring in general.”

The former Undisputed Impact Champion stated to Still Real To Us, “That’s a guy that I know if he stays healthy, and the company does what they are supposed to do, with the help of established stars like Bobby, myself and many others…this kid can do great things for Impact Wrestling.”

Before departing to focus on tomorrow’s event, Alberto El Patrón exclaimed to the media, “Get ready because El Patrón is back!”

You can catch Alberto El Patron and all of your favorite stars on IMPACT Wrestling every Thursday night on Pop TV at 8/7c.  Don’t forget to mark your calendars for Impact Wrestling’s biggest pay-per-view of the year, Bound For Glory, tomorrow, November 5th!