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Last month AEW held the Double or Nothing rally in Jacksonville and the company made some big announcements. Hype was at an all time high for the Double or Nothing ticket announcement party on Thursday, and AEW continued to raise the stakes.

The show kicked off with Sonny Kiss making their way to the podium. Kiss said that they’ve heard AEW is for everyone, and Sonny Kiss is for everyone. It was confirmed Sonny Kiss will be at Double or Nothing.

Cody Rhodes made his way to the stage, and talked about All Elite Wrestling’s partnership with AAA.

Rhodes then said that there is a pre-sale opportunity for tickets at, and tickets go on sale to the general public on Wednesday.

AAA Cruiserweight Champion Sammy Guevara was introduced by Cody and he made his way to the podium. Guevara said that soon everyone will know that he is the best ever, and he confirmed that he will be at Double or Nothing.

Adam Page made his way to the stage, and said that he was going to show up in full gear, but apparently he doesn’t have the body for it. He joked that he’s going to get a gym membership and at Double or Nothing he’ll be in the best shape of his life.

Page said he was interrupted by PAC in Jacksonville, but he knows PAC won’t interrupt him tonight. At that moment PAC appeared via satellite, and told Page to bring everything he’s got to Double or Nothing on May 25.

Adam Page said it’s too bad PAC can’t be here, because he’s doing what he does best, sitting at home. He then made Page vs. PAC official for Double or Nothing.

The Young Bucks made their way to the stage and said that when they were kids they made it their goal to become one of the best tag teams of all time.

They said their main objective is to give the fans the best tag team division in the world.

The Bucks then introduced the tag team of Best Friends made up of Chuckie T and Trent Berreta. They cut a brief promo.

Matt and Nick Jackson were just about to leave, but they were interrupted by Pentagon and Fenix.

Penta and Fenix hit The Bucks with a superkick, then a package piledriver. Fenix grabbed the mic and told AEW to get ready for the Lucha Brothers, because they’re the best tag team in the universe. They riled up the fans then left the stage.

Brandi Rhodes made her way to the stage and asked the fans to help her say happy birthday to her brother Jason.

She announced that two Japanese wrestlers, Yuka Sakazaki and Aja Kong, will be at Double or Nothing. Rhodes said she wanted them to be in Vegas, but they couldn’t make it. However, she didn’t show up alone.

Brandi then announced that she signed Kylie Ray and Kylie made her way to the stage. Kylie took her coat off and the fans chanted “holy s**t” as she revealed her dress. She thanked AEW for the opportunity and said she can’t wait to take the women’s division by storm.

Kylie was about to leave, but Brandi said she brought someone else with her. She called out Nyla Rose and the commentators confirmed that she also signed with AEW.

Nyla got in Kylie’s face and they had to be separated.

Excalibur made his way to the stage and introduced SCU.

They cut a promo, and Kazarian revealed that the official Double or Nothing after party will be called SCU All Night. They will also host the event. They were about to leave, but Daniels stopped them and said that Excalibur is going to make an announcement.

Excalibur introduced a video showed footage of OWE, AEW’s partner company, and then the Vice President and CEO of OWE made their way to the stage along with Cima.

Christopher Daniels put Cima over, then challenged him to get two other wrestlers to team with him to face SCU at Double or Nothing.

Conrad Thompson and Alex Marvez took the stage and teased another announcement.

Kenny Omega then made his entrance and announced he’s signed a full time contract with AEW. Omega thanked the fans, but he was interrupted by Chris Jericho who made his way to the stage and got in Kenny’s face.

Jericho attacked Omega then things got heated and they had to be pulled apart.

Once things settled down Kenny said goodbye to the fans and the show came to an end.