All Elite Wrestling has created a huge buzz in only a few short weeks, and the company is trying to position itself as an alternative to WWE.

People are already making comparisons between AEW and WCW, and many fans are hoping that another wrestling war is on the horizon.

After the Double Or Nothing Ticket Announcement Party in Las Vegas on Thursday night, Cody talked to the press and he was asked if the demise of WCW has been an inspiration for AEW.

“It sounds super romantic when you think about it,” Cody said via Wrestling Inc. “Dusty Rhodes feuded with Vince McMahon, and he lost, and here is his youngest son who is going to go and try to cut Vince’s head off. In the back of my mind, when it’s just me, I think about it a lot. But then I have these guys with me who have different visions. You can’t turn the clock on old wrestling. WCW was friggin’ awesome. What AEW is going to be is a whole separate animal.”

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