enzo amore

Enzo Amore is the current Cruiserweight Champion, which makes him the top star in the cruiserweight division, but the champ didn’t appear on Monday Night Raw this week.

Earlier in the day it was revealed that Enzo Amore was hospitalized because he was ill, and WWE later announced that he wouldn’t be appearing on Raw because he was sick with the flu. Originally Enzo was set to defend his Cruiserweight Championship against Cedric Alexander on the show, but the match didn’t happen.

Even though Enzo didn’t appear on Raw, he was mentioned as Nia Jax said that she was going to the hospital to visit him during a backstage segment.

PWInsider reports that Enzo Amore actually checked himself out of the hospital in Miami, Florida and then went to the arena about an hour before the show went on the air with the intention of defending his title on live TV.

Enzo reportedly pushed that he was healthy enough to compete on Raw, but WWE officials decided that they didn’t want him to perform sick, so they ordered him to leave the venue and return to his hotel room to rest.

It’s not known if Enzo Amore will be appearing on 205 Live tonight.