enzo amore

Enzo Amore was released from WWE earlier this year, and he hasn’t shown any interest in returning to the world of professional wrestling. But Enzo has been working on music since parting ways with WWE, and he’s released a few tracks for the public to hear.

The former WWE Cruiserweight Champion’s grandmother isn’t familiar with rap music apparently, so Enzo decided to show off a new track he’s working on for her, and he posted the following on Instagram:

“Today my grandma asked me what’s a “rap,” so I went live on IG & performed a lil song I wrote for her the other day. I hope it inspires y’all to tell the people who care about you most how you feel. Time is as precious as life, I’ve lived a blessed one. Thanks to all the fans who have made my journey so incredible & to all the fans who will continue to support me through my music! I put the whole “rap” to grandma on my IG-tv, go check it out! I just wrote the jam two days ago so bare with me! Just because you don’t hear my voice and the things I write on TV right now…. doesn’t mean you won’t be soon!!! #BadaBoom… #WintersComing #RosemarysBaby”

A clip of the track can be heard below.