It’s been almost a week since Emma, Summer Rae and Darren Young were all released from their WWE contracts, and fans are still surprised by the fact that Emma is no longer with the company.

It seemed that Emma was in a decent spot as she was featured in a high profile feud with Asuka over the past few weeks, but it was recently reportedly that Emma had made enemies on the creative team.

It appears that the failure of the Emmalina gimmick had a negative impact on Emma’s career, as James McKenna recently noted on The Sheet Podcast that the botched gimmick was one of the big factors that ultimately led to her release.

McKenna is a former WWE employee and he claimed that Emma was hard to work with during his stint with the company, and that she made it a habit of shooting down ideas that were presented to her by creative.

The Emmalina character was an idea that was created by Vince McMahon and a lot of time was spent on it before the gimmick was scrapped as soon as Emmalina made her debut.

According to McKenna, Emma didn’t like the Emmalina gimmick which gave Vince McMahon a bad impression of her, and it hurt Emma’s position in the company in the eyes of Vince.

It’s sad to see Emma go, but at 28 years old she still has a number of good years ahead of her. Do you think Emma will eventually make it back to WWE? Sound off in the comments below.