On Sunday WWE made a few surprising announcements when it was revealed that Emma, Darren Young and Summer Rae had all been released from their WWE contracts. Emma’s release was particularly surprising because she has been featured on Raw regularly as of late, and she was recently part of a high profile match where she faced Asuka in her main roster debut.

Sports Illustrated is reporting that Emma’s WWE release had been in the works for quite some time because she had a considerable amount of backstage heat. Emma reportedly created enemies on the writing staff, and she made the situation worse by speaking out on Twitter.

The door remains open for Emma to return someday, but it’s being said that some see her release as “an addition by subtraction” in the locker room.

Emma was respected as much as any other female performer on the WWE roster for her in-ring work, but her release sent a message to the locker room.

The decision to release Emma, Darren Young and Summer Rae was made on Friday during Vince McMahon’s routine budget meeting, and all three were informed on Sunday before they had to fly out for TV.

In regards to what’s next for Emma, the former WWE Superstar noted on Twitter that the best is yet to come.