Last fall WWE released Emma from her contract, and many fans were surprised to see the company let her go.

It turns out that fans weren’t the only ones who were surprised, as Emma recently shared her reaction to her release during an interview with Sporting News.

“I was definitely surprised. I really enjoyed my match with Asuka at the pay-per-view, and that was the first singles match [on pay-per-view] that I had there. So I was definitely surprised when I found out, but it gave me almost like a launching pad to go out and wrestle for all these companies elsewhere. It was almost a reminder for the fans that I can wrestle. So it really helped me moving forward and I’m glad that I can wrestle everywhere now and the demand is there.”

The former WWE Superstar is now wrestling under her real name, Tenille Dashwood, and she has been one of the standout competitors in Ring of Honor’s Women of Honor Championship tournament.

She has a chance to become the first ever ROH Women’s Champion, and even though she never won the Women’s Championship in NXT or WWE, she’s hoping to score a big victory to validate the hard work she’s put into her career.

“In WWE and NXT I never gained the women’s championship. So the purpose of me being with Ring of Honor is to finally validate what I’ve done. The hard work, the hectic schedule, and everything is to validate all of that and become the women’s champion. Then I want to take that championship and wrestle all over the world. … I want to go to places I haven’t wrestled yet and meet new fans and continue to branch out and take that women’s revolution all around the world.”

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