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Social media plays a huge role in ongoing WWE storylines and that doesn’t seem to be stopping. WWE likes to brag about their social media influence and they use every bit of it to try and capture as much of an audience as possible.

The possibilities really are endless when you place the fate of your angle in the hands of the internet. After all, the entire John Cena and Roman Reigns feud apparently started because of a tweet.

Sometimes we wonder how much of a WWE Superstar’s social media interaction is choreographed by WWE writers because it’s starting to play a pivotal role that can easily crossover to television.

Emma has been going around saying she started the Women’s Revolution in WWE and she still can’t get a fair shake for quite some time now. Mickie James could only hear Emma brag about her accomplishments for so long until James had to step up to shut Emma down.

Mickie James is a six-time WWE Women’s Champion and you don’t even hear her brag about her accomplishments as much as Emma does. After all, WWE’s first Austrailian female Superstar didn’t get the whole Women’s Revolution started by herself.

James challenged Emma to a match on Raw and made a little side-bet with her. If Mickie won then Emma wouldn’t be allowed to brag about starting the Women’s Revolution again but if Emma won Mickie would be forced to tweet any hashtag of Emma’s choosing.

If you watched Raw this week (or just read our in-depth analysis) you’ll know Emma won their match. Mickie James might not have liked it, but she lived up to her end of the deal.

Of course, Emma couldn’t pick just one hashtag to give James but Mickie still tweeted them all because a bet’s a bet.

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