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Dave Bautista has found a great deal of success outside of WWE. His career in Hollywood has made him an international movie star, but he’s always expressed a great passion for WWE in interview, but Batista doesn’t want to return to the company for just a quick cup of coffee.

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Over recent years, WWE officials have offered him roles and big matches, but Batista has not heard anything that makes him want to get back into the ring. However, the powers that be could be preparing to offer him a big role at WrestleMania 34 that will give him the spotlight.

It’s being reported by the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that Dave Bautista is the first name that has been mentioned for the 2018 WWE Hall of Fame. Based on how the WWE Universe reacted to him during his last run in 2014, an induction into the WWE Hall of Fame could be an interesting idea for Batista.

Of course, it’s extremely early to lock in him as the first major name to be inducted. Many other names could come up over the coming months. If The Rock or The Undertaker were interested, they would become the frontrunner immediately. However, it seems that WWE officials are looking at Batista for an induction into the Hall of Fame next year in New Orleans.


  1. I thought Batista told Lilian Garcia on her podcast that he is tied up with movie bookings for the next few years and wouldn’t be able to appear for WWE.

  2. Come on Batista really? I know a lot more guys and gals deserving of the hall of fame then him. Must be triple h’s doing.