Paige managed to accomplish a lot after joining the WWE main roster, but it looks like her in-ring career could be over. It was recently reported that Paige is dealing with a career threatening injury, and that WWE has decided not to clear her. She was pulled from the first women’s Royal Rumble, and she hasn’t wrestled in weeks, but no official announcement has been made regarding her future.

Edge is another wrestler who was forced to retire early due to injury, and he was asked about his thoughts on her retirement during a recent interview with CBS Local. Edge noted that he was in a position where he got to do everything he wanted to do, but if this is the end of Paige’s career then she should try her best to focus on the positives.

“You know, I don’t know. It is tough, because if that is the case, and she does have to retire… I haven’t heard anything past the initial speculation… it is such a different case, because when I retired, I was 37. I had accomplished everything and then some I set out to do within that industry, so there wasn’t anything else besides wanting to help some younger talent and teach them. That was what the next mode of my career was going to be. So it is a different scenario.

I guess all I can say, if that is the case, is she did a lot. She got a lot accomplished. She won the women’s championship, and she stood out. You just try and focus on the positives instead of drawing on the negatives. That’s really all you can do in that kind of situation. But I don’t know if there’s a magic elixir or the perfect sentence you can say to make that easier to swallow.”

WWE has yet to make any official announcement regarding Paige’s status, but it doesn’t seem that the company has any intention of clearing her for in-ring competition.

Nevertheless there’s still a lot that Paige can do, so hopefully she finds a way to remain a vital part of Raw even though she can’t compete.