austin aries

Austin Aries is back with Impact Wrestling, and he’s the current Impact Global Champion. Fans had high hopes for his WWE run when he joined the company, but unfortunately his run came to an end shortly after he started wrestling on the main roster.

Aries recently spoke during an Impact Wrestling conference call, and he opened up about his issues with WWE creative. He noted that the writers probably didn’t like working with him very much because he wanted certain things changed, but if they were frustrated they never brought it to his attention.

“Here’s an interesting thing with that, I’ll bet the writers didn’t probably like working with me very much. Understand that in that environment when I am given something that the writers hand me if I have anything that I think should be adjusted, or maybe things that I would not personally say, as someone who has done this for seventeen years and as a writer it isn’t always so easy to just change those things. They then have to go march back to the office and have those things changed for them. The process is a little tedious. To me, it takes a lot of the artistic and creative freedoms away from the wrestlers. I don’t know a writer who would know my voice better than myself. I’ve been doing this a long time. I’ll say this, if there were ever any writers who had frustrations with me they certainly never expressed them to me. It was something that was never brought to my attention.”

Austin Aries also went on to confirm that he’s not currently signed to a long term contract with Impact Wrestling, and that there are no restrictions in regards to where he can work.

“I am not under any kind of long term contract with Impact Wrestling. We came to an agreement on a certain number of dates that would run a certain length of time but there are really no restrictions on me which is the beautiful thing of this opportunity. They want me to keep doing what I am doing which is basically just traveling around, and I say it tongue and cheek, but I’m “The Belt Collector”. I am going to all these promotions and trying to collect titles. That was the opportunity that was appealing to me.”

H/T to WrestleZone for the transcription.