roman reigns

Fans around the world were shocked a few weeks ago when Roman Reigns vacated the Universal Championship and announced that he would be taking time off to focus on his battle with leukemia.

But The Big Dog has been receiving a lot of support from the wrestling community, and he looked well when he recently made a public appearance at a Georgia Tech game.

WWE Hall of Famer Edge spoke to Sports Illustrated about Roman’s diagnosis, and he noted that even though he knows what it’s like to be forced to step away from the ring, Roman’s circumstances are very different.

“I had to retire due to injury, but in this case, we’re talking life or death. This is leukemia, a thing you don’t expect to hear from a guy who is in the prime of his career and looks like a superhero. The first thing I felt when I heard the news was sad, but I don’t think Roman wants people to feel that way.”

“I feel for him, but the best thing he can do is surround himself with his family, and that’s what he’s doing. As long as he gets healthy, who cares if he ever wrestles again? I watched him on Raw and thought that moment had to be really, really difficult, but he handled it with poise and class.”

At this point there’s no timeline for Roman’s return, but as Edge stated, Roman has bigger things to worry about at the moment.