The wrestling world has been talking a lot about EC3 following this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw, as it was a rough show for the former Impact Wrestling World Champion.

However, today is a new day, and it seems to be going a lot better for EC3, as he’s announced his new t-shirt business Magic City Prints, along with his new t-shirt store on Etsy, ECTEES.

EC3 posted the following on Instagram:

“I’ve made a living not wearing a shirt, and now I’d like to supplement that living by creating shirts.

Pleased to announce I, along with fellow t-shirt connoisseurs JC and Eric, are opening Magic City Prints in Winter Garden, FL.

@magiccityprints will provide custom and a high end DIRECT-TO-GARMENT and SCREEN PRINTING service to both the local Orlando area and the entire planet Earth (via world wide shipping.) I like shirts, you like shirts. Help spread the word where you can get shirts.”

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