dolph ziggler

Dolph Ziggler has been a hot topic as of late after he addressed his future with WWE on Edge and Christian’s podcast.

Ziggler said that very soon he will have to make a decision about his future with WWE. For the past few years Ziggler has been seen as the “gatekeeper” who works with new talents from NXT, and normally loses, but he noted that he wants to be featured in a different role with the company if he stays.

“I have a very short amount of time left to figure out if I want to do that again, or if there’s something to reach for. All I can reach for is having fun ass matches and tearing it down on the weekends, because it doesn’t seem to be a specific great prize to be reaching for here that I can attain. You can be patted on the back and told ‘You’re our guy. You’re our Shawn Michaels. You’re so good at this, we can’t do this without you.’ But then watch a bunch of people not in that position coast right by. There’s no feelings hurt. This is a show business thing where I love it, and in a very short time I have to decide if I need to go away, or do my own thing, or find a different role here.”

People have been talking about the possibility of Ziggler leaving WWE when his contract runs out, but Dolph shockingly won the United States Championship at Clash of Champions on Sunday night.

Dolph Ziggler showed up and gloated about his big win on SmackDown Live this week, and he also reminded fans of all the titles he’s won throughout the course of his career.

He then told fans that he would give them something to remember him for, and he took a long hard look at the US Title. Ziggler then placed the title in the ring, left it on the mat and walked backstage as the segment came to an end.


  1. FIRST!!!Can’t say as I blame him. Time attacks us all and Zig understands that. I hope things turn out well for him.