brother love

You night know him as Sean Combs, you might know him as Puff Daddy, you also might know him as Puffy, or P. Diddy, or simply Diddy, but regardless of how you refer to the man, it seems that he’s changing his name once again.

Diddy has changed his name several times over the course of his career, and now he’s taking on the name of a former wrestling manager.

Diddy recently took to Twitter to post a video declaring that he has changed his name to Love, aka Brother Love. Wrestling fans are probably well aware that the name Brother Love has been used in the past as it was once Bruce Prichard’s name.

In the video Diddy says that he’s decided to change his name, and even though it’s risky, he’s just not the same person he was before, and that he will no longer answer to Puffy, Diddy, Puff Daddy or any other name that’s not Love or Brother Love. You can watch his official announcement below.

Bruce Prichard responded to the announcement, and it appears that he’s not a fan of the change because he told Love, aka Brother Love to get his own gimmick.

He also encouraged the former Diddy to listen to his podcast.