kevin owens

Last week on Raw, Kevin Owens challenged Ezekiel or Elias to a match, and the challenge was accepted. It was announced ahead of Raw this week that Kevin Owens would be facing Ezekiel, Elias, or their brother Elrod in a Money in the Bank qualifying match, but the match never happened.

Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Radio that Kevin Owens wasn’t part of Raw this week due to a minor situation. Exact details regarding KO’s status are unknown, but it’s not believed to be anything serious.

“Kevin Owens – whatever the situation is, is minor, but he was not on the show, which is why the Ezekiel match did not happen as originally scheduled.

“I did not check if Kevin Owens would be ready by Friday, I just know that he was not ready tonight but it’s nothing serious, is what I was told.”

This week’s episode of Monday Night Raw took place from Laredo, TX and Owens commented on his absence when he told fans on Twitter that he wasn’t on Raw because he didn’t want to go to Texas.