paul heyman

A few weeks ago WWE announced that Paul Heyman would be taking over as the Executive Director of Monday Night Raw, and it seems that Heyman already has some ideas on how he wants to change the show.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter is reporting that Paul Heyman is trying to go with the idea of backstage interviews having less fake dialogue so that they come off as more realistic.

Heyman also wants more consequences on WWE programming with wins and losses meaning something, angles not being dropped, and the idea that if someone gets hurt one week they shouldn’t appear to be fine the next week.

Over the last 15 years wrestlers have complained about how they’ll do a big match and want to follow up by selling the beating the next day on Raw, but Vince won’t let them.

Vince allows mid-card guys to do that, but not top stars because he wants to protect them and doesn’t want them to seem weak on television.