dean ambrose

Last week, Dean Ambrose and the Intercontinental Championship moved to Raw during the “Superstar Shakeup.” There has been some speculation in the past about The Lunatic Fringe turning heel soon, but a lot of people are wondering if the move to Raw is a part of the turn.

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It’s been reported by IWNerd that Ambrose moving to Raw wasn’t specifically to make many major changes to his character. There is a rumor going around that WWE officials have a plan to reunite The Shield now that Ambrose, Roman Reigns, and Seth Rollins are all on Raw.

While that remains a possibility down the line, the report is claiming that there’s been some talk about Dean Ambrose turning heel over the next few months. The belief is he’d feud with Seth Rollins once he’s done with Samoa Joe. It’s unclear if they’d be feuding over the IC title.

In the past, Ambrose vs. Rollins had the former as the face and the latter was the heel. The WWE Universe would be interested to see their feud continue, especially if their dynamic is completely different with Ambrose acting as the heel in their rivalry to keep it fresh.