It didn’t take long for FTR to become one of the top tag teams in AEW, and their popularity only seems to be growing with each passing day. For years FTR worked in WWE as The Revival, but it’s not big secret that they weren’t exactly happy when it came to their role with the company.

Dax Harwood recently spoke to The Ringer about FTR’s run with WWE, and he explained that they asked for their release once they realized they were going to get stuck in a certain position.

“We got to the main roster, and things happened on the main roster, but Vince [McMahon] never saw [us] as anything [other than] helping teach the guys. For example, Heavy Machinery (the team of Otis and Tucker); we were working with them on all the house shows, and teaching them. They were very young, but very good. They had great potential, both of them, but we were tasked with teaching them tag team wrestling. And when you get stuck in that, you never move from that position. That, in turn, is the reason we asked for a release after a year and a half.”

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