Goldberg last wrestled for WWE when he faced Roman Reigns at Elimination Chamber in 2022, and it doesn’t seem that the company has plans to bring him back anytime soon. Despite the fact that he’s not part of the WWE roster at the moment Goldberg has made it clear that he wants to compete in a retirement match.

Recently while speaking on Steven & Captain Evil the Hall of Famer took a shot at Vince McMahon while claiming that Vince didn’t hold up his end of the bargain regarding a retirement match in WWE.

“Vince is like Dana White. He’s the big boss and he makes everything happen, and in all honesty, he gave me the opportunity to put my wife and son on the front row and gave me the ability to perform again in front of them. So, I owe him everything, until we went to Saudi Arabia and he asked me to put Roman Reigns over, and I had COVID. I remember calling him from my house and said, ‘Listen, here is the deal. I’ll do it if you give me a retirement match.’ I did what he asked.

As a performer, I was 56 years old. As a human being, you’re conscientious about how you look in a bathing suit, especially two months prior to being in that bathing suit, you couldn’t work out because you had COVID. I put myself in a horribly s****y situation to get what I wanted to, but to satiate him and give him what he wanted. Problem is, he never held up his bargain. Vince is a piece of s**t as far as I’m concerned.”

At this point it’s not clear if WWE might potentially bring Goldberg back for a retirement match in the future, but Ivar made it clear that he’s willing to be Goldberg’s opponent when he posted the following:

“If you are looking, I’ll have that retirement match with you @Goldberg”

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