Booker T isn’t on the Raw announce team anymore but that doesn’t mean he isn’t in the heart and mind of Corey Graves. In all reality, it would be hard for Graves not to think of Booker T due to recent events.

After all, the 5-time World Champion dropped a bomb on his radio show, Heated Conversations with Booker T where he said he had a problem with Corey Graves. Booker went on to say that if he caught him on the street then the two would have issues. Apparently, Booker T saw Corey Graves as messing with his money and wanted to take it out on the Savior Of Misbehavior because he thought it was his fault that the former Harlem Heat member lost his spot on the Raw announce team

Corey Graves already responded in intelligent fashion via social media, but he also had the chance to say something during Raw and he seized the opportunity. During Bayley’s entrance on Raw this week, Corey Graves threw a little dig at Booker T and it was quite a clever way to do it.

Graves said to Jonathan Coachman, “better be careful Coach, watch your tongue or you might be doing afternoon radio locally.”

Seeing how the radio show Booker T used as a platform to fire his first shots at Corey Graves is a local CBS affiliate station in Houston, Graves’ comment was right on the money.

This could also be a sign that although Booker T might be working the fans for some kind of WrestleMania payday, it seems that Graves might not be over these comments completely.

Only time will tell if Booker T says anything back to Graves or they might simply let this feud die without any more of a mention. After all, considering Corey Graves’ health status and the reason why he had to retire from in-ring action so early in his career, he will probably never be cleared to compete in a WWE ring again. Therefore this feud might end up being a waste of time in the end.

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