The annual Royal Rumble premium live event aired live from San Antonio, TX on Saturday night and the show kicked off in a big way. The 30 man Royal Rumble match opened the show and it featured some interesting moments to say the least. When it was all said and done it was Cody Rhodes who won the match to earn a title shot at WrestleMania 39.

The 30 man Royal Rumble match kicked off the show, but before it got started Pat McAfee made his return and joined Corey Graves & Michael Cole at the commentary table. Current WWE Intercontinental Champion Gunther was the first entrance in the men’s Royal Rumble match. Sheamus entered second.

Brock Lesnar entered the match at number 12 and he had an impressive showing for a brief period of time as he was eliminated by Bobby Lashley who entered at number 13. Brock then destroyed the announce table and hit Baron Corbin with the F5 when Corbin tried to enter at number 14. Lesnar then attacked a ref as Adam Pearce came out to try and calm him down.

Rey Mysterio was supposed to enter at number 17, but his music hit and he didn’t come out. Dominik Mysterio then entered at number 18 while wearing his father’s mask. He ripped the mask up on his way to the ring while Michael Cole called him a “piece of s**t.”

Booker T entered the Royal Rumble as a surprise entrant at number 21. He was in the match for a short time as he hit the Spinaroonie and then Gunther eliminated him. Edge made his surprise return when he entered the match at 24 and he immediately targeted The Judgment Day by eliminating Finn Balor and Damian Priest. He tried to eliminate Dominik Mysterio, but Finn Balor and Priest pulled Edge over the top rope from the outside and eliminated the Rated R Superstar. Edge then battled Priest and Balor in the entranceway, but he was taken out by Rhea Ripley. Beth Phoenix then returned to take out Rhea Ripley.

Logan Paul entered the match at number 29 and made his big return to WWE for the first time since Crown Jewel. The fans in attendance at the Alamodome booed him and all the Superstars in the ring teamed together to beat him down, but he made a comeback.

Cody Rhodes entered the match at number 30 to a massive pop from the crowd. Cody eliminated Dominik Mysterio, Braun Strowman and Ricochet. It came down to Cody, Seth Rollins, Logan Paul, Gunther and Austin Theory.

Seth Rollins and Cody then worked together to eliminate Theory which led to a stare down between Cody and Seth. Cody and Seth teamed up again to fight Gunther. Rollins hit Gunther with the Pedigree, then Rhodes also hit the Pedigree on Gunther. Cody and Rollins then had a one on one match for a few minutes, but Logan Paul returned and eliminated Seth.

Cody hit Logan Paul with the Cross Rhodes and eliminated him. It came down to Cody and Gunther. They battled back and forth for a while, but Rhodes hit Gunther with the Cody Cutter then clotheslined him over the top rope. Gunther hung on as the fans chanted for Cody. Hen then brought Gunther in the ring and paid tribute to Goldust when he hit Gunther with Shattered Dreams in the corner. Gunther hit Cody with a powerbomb then tried to throw him over the top, but Cody held on. They exchanged chops at Cody was on the outside and Gunther locked in the sleeper. Cody broke free and Gunther chopped him, but Cody hit Cross Rhodes. Cody then clotheslined to eliminate him.