Bray Wyatt has been feuding with LA Knight for months now and the Uncle Howdy character has been a big part of their feud. Uncle Howdy has been haunting both Wyatt and Knight and the fans as everyone has been trying to figure out who is under the mask.

On Saturday night at the Royal Rumble premium live event Bray Wyatt wrestled on TV for the first time since his WWE return when he faced off against LA Knight in the Mountain Dew Pitch Black match.

As soon as the match started WWE used neon lights which played to Bray Wyatt who had paint on his face and arms. Wyatt was very aggressive from the start. Wyatt and LA Knight brawled outside the ring as Wyatt tried to suplex Knight through the announce table, but Knight blocked it and he put Wyatt through the announce table as he jumped off the barricade and hit a clothesline.

Bray Wyatt threw a toolbox into the ring which prompted Knight to fight him off then Bray threw Knight to the outside. Knight brought a kendo stick in and hit Bray a few times, but Bray hit Sister Abigail to win his first televised match since his WWE return.

After the match Bray Wyatt put on a mask that looked similar to The Fiend mask. Knight tried to fight off Wyatt as Bray chased him through the crowd. He hit Bray with a kendo stick, but Bray just no sold the shots. Bray locked the mandible claw in as LA Knight lost his momentum. Uncle Howdy then appeared. Howdy then jumped off a stage and hit Knight with what appeared to be an elbow drop from the top of a stage as pyro went off and Bray celebrated.