cody rhodes

Cody Rhodes is a whole lot more than just a former WWE Superstar. He’s a former ROH World Champion, and he also happens to be a member of The Bullet Club. Cody joined the popular faction back in 2016, but one fan apparently thinks that he did more harm then good when he joined the group.

A fan recently tagged Cody in a tweet and told him, “The bullet club started it’s slow death the day you joined.”

That’s pretty harsh, and the comment didn’t go unnoticed as it clearly caught the attention of the former ROH World Champion, and it appears that he sees things a little differently.

Cody had the following response:

Whether you’re a Bullet Club fan or not, you can probably agree that Cody won this exchange.

Sean Waltman recently revealed on his X-Pac 12360 show that he was contacted by Lucha Underground about possibly working for the promotion, but they backed out after they found out about his WWE Legends deal.

“They reached out…it’s probably been a month now or maybe a little bit longer ago… and so I was down to do it, you know. I was really considering it, we didn’t get into how much money or anything like that; the thing that threw the monkey wrench in it is that I’m under a Legends contract. I mean that was a problem for them, for Lucha Underground apparently. When they reached out to me the first thing I did was contact Hunter and run it all by him, ask him if there was any heat, he said ‘absolutely no, absolutely no heat at all’… Anyways I had full blessing to go do it, but they backed out; nothing else ever came of it.”