Last week Cody Rhodes showed up in Las Vegas and he declared that he will be challenging Roman Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship at WrestleMania 40. Things got heated and eventually The Rock slapped Cody Rhodes which resulted in Rock, Reigns, Rhodes and Rollins being pulled apart.

This week on Monday Night Raw, Cody Rhodes addressed The Rock slapping him at the press conference and he said that he’s a fan of The Rock. Cody said that at one point we’ve all been fans of The Rock as the fans in the arena booed. The American Nightmare then directly addressed The Great One when he said that Rock hitting him means that he will be hitting The Rock back.

Seth Rollins then made his way out and Cody thanked Seth for backing him up at the press conference. The Visionary told Cody that he was looking forward to facing him at WrestleMania, but he understands why he chose Roman Reigns to be his opponent, and Cody needs to finish his story.

As Rollins went on he said that this is the real chance that anyone really has to take the power from Roman Reigns and give it to the people. The fans chanted for Cody. Seth Rollins told Cody that he might be the man for the job, then he asked Cody what his plan is before bringing up how The Bloodline prevented Cody from winning the title last year. Seth said the bar has been raised because he’s not just dealing with Roman, Heyman, Solo and Jimmy, he’s dealing with The Rock. The fans booed The Rock then chanted “Rocky sucks!”

Seth Rollins told the fans he agrees with them then told Cody he doesn’t have to fight this battle alone. He said that he felt it deep in his soul when Cody said he wants to take everything from Roman Reigns. Rollins said he never could have imagined the monster Roman would become, but now the monster has two heads. The WWE World Heavyweight Champion then told Cody Rhodes that there’s only one man who is suited to be his shield when it comes to facing The Bloodline. Seth then hit his catchphrase as the fans sang along. He dropped the mic and walked out as the segment came to an end.