cody rhodes

The independent scene seems to be thriving in the world of professional wrestling at the moment, which is a good thing because it gives wrestlers options as far as where they can go to make money.

But everyone knows that WWE is the most well known wrestling organization in the world, hence why many wrestlers aspire to join the company.

Making it in WWE isn’t easy, and if you want to be a top star you have to get the support of Vince McMahon.

Over the years there’s been a lot of debate about whether or not Vince holds certain wrestlers back so that he can push talents who he believes have what it takes to be a star.

A fan recently asked Cody Rhodes if he thinks that Vince holds back wrestlers from NXT, and Cody responded by saying that Vince doesn’t hold anyone back.

Cody is one wrestler who some fans feel should have been given a bigger push in WWE, but the former Intercontinental Champion commented on his own progress, or lack thereof, and said that as Stardust he wasn’t developing and he was out of shape.

One way or another, Cody certainly seems to have found the right opportunities outside of WWE, but only time will tell if he’ll ever return.